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Welcome to Alastair Hudson's personal web-site.

Alastair is Professor of Equity & Finance Law at the University of Southampton

He is a UK National Teaching Fellow, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

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*New developments*

  • During June 2009, the "finance law" page is being rebuilt to include about one hundred podcasts and essays to support Alastair's new book The Law of Finance (1e, Sweet & Maxwell). There will also be material on the credit crunch and the challenge which it poses to financial regulation.
  • Also during the summer of 2009 there will be a new area added to this site titled How to Study Law including the growing e-book The Idea of a University Law School which explains to current and new law students why law degrees are taught the way they are and what really goes on in law schools.
  • Ready for the publication of a new edition of Equity & Trusts (6e, Routledge Cavendish, 2009) there will also be new podcasts on new developments and new cases.
  • There will also be some experimental vidcasts on all of these areas of law during the summer too.
  • You will also find new podcasts on the company law and trusts law pages.*
  • All new vidcasts: lots of them! Click here
  • See re-enactments of important and hypothetical cases! Done really badly! Using small toys for actors! On an improvised set!
  • Marvel at on-location documentaries! Done by a balding man straight to camera! Often really badly!
  • Wow at video tutorials of hard to understand areas of law! Live diagrams! and explanations!
  • Famous Hollywood actors*! *Please note may not actually contain famous Hollywood actors ... in fact, definitely does not contain anyone famous nor any proper actors. Sorry.