a digest of my publications

The following are my sole-authored books at present:

  1. Securities Law (Sweet & Maxwell, 2008, 912pp)
  2. Equity & Trusts (5th ed, 2007, Cavendish Publishing, 1,238pp)
  3. The Law of Trusts, with Geraint Thomas (1st ed, 2004, Oxford University Press, 1,907pp)
  4. The Law on Financial Derivatives (4th ed, 2006, Sweet & Maxwell, 773pp)
  5. Understanding Equity & Trusts (2nd ed, 2004, Cavendish Publishing, 219pp)
  6. The Law on Investment Entities (2000, Sweet & Maxwell, 356pp)
  7. Towards a Just Society (1999, Pinter/Cassell, 286pp)
  8. Swaps, Restitution and Trusts (1999, Sweet & Maxwell, 245pp)
  9. The Law on Homelessness (1997, Sweet & Maxwell, 450pp)

The following books are collections of essays which I have edited and also to which I have contributed:

  1. New Perspectives on Property Law, Obligations and Restitution (Cavendish, 2004, 378pp)
  2. New Perspectives on Property Law, Human Rights and the Home(Cavendish, 2004, 334pp)
  3. Credit Derivatives - legal, regulatory and accounting issues(Sweet & Maxwell, 1999, 198pp)
  4. Modern Financial Techniques, Derivatives and Law (Sweet & Maxwell, 2000, 246pp)

I have contributed book-length sections to the following:-

Palmer's Company Law: Part 5 - Capital Issues (approx 300pp) and Part 5A - Open-ended Investment Companies (approx 180pp)

My forthcoming books are:-

  1. The Law of Finance (Sweet & Maxwell, 2009, 900pp)
  2. The Law of Property (Routledge-Cavendish, 2011, 1,000pp)