the legal system

this part of the site is concerned with my work on the English legal system in particular and with legal systems in general. at present there are only a few documents on this part of the site. for my fullest account yet see my book Towards a Just Society (1999). the currently accessible documents on this site relate to various other parts of my work in relation to access to justice, legal aid and social exclusion. there are some published articles (from academic, politics journals through to newspapers) which do, however, rehearse my main theses from the period 1997-1999 which i do intend to update to account for the development/under-development of legal affairs policy since that time:

  1. "access to social justice"
  2. "in place of injustice"
  3. "towards the just society"
  4. "legal aid and the welfare state"
  5. "overfeeding the 5,000"

some materials for students who are new to the study of law:

  1. "on the study of law"
  2. "towards the just society"
  3. risk, law and social change

some old casenotes: