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Welcome ... this page gives you a list of the podcasts on this site and some instructions as to how to access them. It seemed to me that i could get material on new areas onto my site far more quickly if i recorded myself talking about them. It also seemed to me that this would be a good way to discuss both difficult and interesting areas of equity & trusts, the law of finance, legal theory, and so on, in a way that would be different from reading that material on a page, and therefore that it might help people who were having trouble getting a handle on that material in written form.

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These podcasts are not complete lectures and are not intended to be used as a replacement for reading. They are definitely not intended to bve used commercially by anyone. They are available for use by students and others whether they are Queen Mary students or not. Enjoy.

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Trusts Law  
Is the doctrine of constructive trust coherent? Click here
Click here
A map through the various remedies for breach of trust - inc. stranger liability and tracing Click here Click here
What is the meaning of "dishonesty" in dishonest assistance? (Pt 1) Click here Click here
The liability of strangers in corporate contexts Click here Click here
Finance Law    
What is finance? (Pt 1) Click here Click here
What is finance? (Pt 2) Click here Click here
What is finance law? An exercise in "concepts" and "contexts" Click here Click here
The seven categories of finance in private law Click here Click here


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