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This web page has been created to support Alastair Hudson's book Securities Law (Sweet & Maxwell, 2008, 912pp). This is the first book in the UK to deal solely and in detail with securities law and regulation.

This page will be fully operational from the beginning of April 2008 (as opposed to April Fool's Day ...). Contents will include:-


securities law podcasts
These podcasts are intended to give an overview only of securities law in the UK. They were recorded in the autumn of 2008. They are not full lectures on securities law and are intended primarily for Queen Mary undergradute students, although they may be of general interest in introducing securities law concepts to a broader audience.
All references are to Alastair Hudson's Securities Law (Sweet & Maxwell, 2008).
Background to securities law and practice
A basic introduction to securities products - click here
A start to understanding securities law - click here
Prospectus regulation
Prospectus opening: what is an "offer to the public"? - click here
Prospectus 1 - click here
Prospectus 2 - click here
Prospectus 3- click here
Prospectus 4- click here
Prospectus 5 - click here
Prospectus 6: who are the person's responsible for a prospectus? - click here
Transparency obligations
Transparency Obligations - an overview - click here
Listed securities
Listed securities 1 - click here
Listed securities 2 - click here
Insider dealing
Insider dealing 1 - introduction - click here
Insider dealing 2 - the s.52 offence - click here
Insider dealing 3 - why criminalise it? - click here
Insider dealing 4 - market manipulation - click here
The roots of securities regulation in the South Sea Bubble - click here