This experimental area of the site is using video to explain finance and property law issues. The videos are loaded onto YouTube. This will mean that you will be re-directed to YouTube because it is not possible to fit video files of this size onto this site. So you will need to navigate back here after watching the video if you want to carry on with this material. Do not be alarmed!

The aim of these videos is to give you an easier way into the basic issues and into research ideas by attempting to bring cases, theories and principles to life. Sometimes this is done by on-location videos, sometimes this is done by re-enacting leading or hypothetical cases (incredibly badly...). None of this is intended to remove the need for proper reading nor to dumb down the ideas: instead it is being done to make the law more accessible in the first place.

This area of the site will be developed during June 2009.


Equity & Trusts

A welcome to Equity & Trusts, 6e: click here

Bleak House and the fog around equity at Lincoln's Inn Hall: click here


Law of Finance

A welcome to the Law of Finance, 1e : click here

An introduction to the law of finance ("finance law in mirrors"): click here

The roots of securities law in the South Sea bubble and the coffee houses of London: click here

Common law, common sense, and the financial crisis: click here

Learning and looking at the law of finance: click here

Irrationality and banking: click here


Re-enactments of Trusts and Property Law cases

Real trusts of real property, Act 1: click here

Real trusts of real property, Act 2 : click here

Goldhunter - Certainty of subject matter, Act 1: click here

Goldhunter - Certainty of subject matter, Act 2: click here

Re-enactments of Finance Law problems and cases


How to Study Law

A love of legal language: click here