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This page is an index to the essays, podcasts, vidcasts and other material which support my book The Law of Finance.

Queen Mary LLB Law of Finance

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  • Welcome to The Law of Finance book: click here
  • The roots of finance law - "finance law in mirrors": click here
  • The roots of securities regulation in the South Sea Bubble: click here
  • Common law, common sense, and the financial crisis: click here
  • Learning and looking at the law of finance: click here
  • Irrationality and banking: click here
  • General index for all the vidcasts on this site - click here


Essays on various aspects of finance law

  • An outline for a four-session, two-day course in derivatives law for practitioners - click here*
  • Collateralisation in derivatives transactions - click here*
  • The effect of Westdeutsche Landesbank v Islington in relation to derivatives transactions - click here*
  • Law and Investment Entities - click here*
  • Mistake in derivatives transactions: Kleinwort Benson v Lincoln CC - click here*
  • Proprietary rights in financial transactions: Westdeutsche Landesbank v Islington - click here*
  • The use and abuse of derivatives - liability of sellers and other issues - click here*
  • Understanding the irritation between restitution and the law of finance - click here*
  • Close-out netting and taking security - click here*
  • Seller liability in credit derivatives transactions - click here*
  • Discussion of the global financial crisis 2007-09 - click here


Alastair Hudson's books on finance law -

  • The Law of Finance, 1e, 2009 - click here
  • Securities Law, 1e, 2008 - click here
  • The Law on Financial Derivatives, 4e, 2006 (5e, 2010) - click here
  • The Law on Investment Entities, 1e, 2000 - click here
  • Swaps, Restitution and Trusts, 1999 - click here