Words and Concepts
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This collection of short discussions of a variety of what I consider to be the key words and concepts in social thought is here for two reasons.

  • First, to collect a discussion of these concepts in one place so that the rest of the web-site is not cluttered up with repetitive discussions of the same material.
  • Secondly, to build up a repository of ideas which will help me put together my core system of ideas.

The references to the many books and occasional periodicals can be found in the bibliography file. I have tried where possible to restrict those references to books which are fairly easily obtainable from booksellers or libraries (in the UK at least, or through web-based booksellers).

The words and concepts considered here are follows (click on the name to view the file - a word which does not have a link is simply a word for which I have not yet published a file):

An outline of social theory and philosophy Autonomy Autopoiesis Change
Choice Communication Community Complexity and chaos
Connexity Conscience Consumerism Contexts in law
Dematerialisation Equality Existentialism Globalisation
Hegemony Home Human rights Ideology
Individualisation Jurisprudence Law Modernity
New Labour Morality & Ethics / Other Perfection Phenomenology
Postmodernism Power Privatisation of law Property
Property - nature of property right Risk Social contract Socialism
Space and time Speed Suitability Systems theory

So feel free to wander around.

Updating: as with the rest of this site all of these discussions are works in progress - so don't huff if they are not perfect and don't be surprised if I have not yet considered all of the available texts. These vignettes will be updated regularly as the site expands.

The benefit of this system: The advantage for me of writing this in the form of a web-site is that I can move from idea to idea - and allow you to move on a whim from idea to idea - at the click of a mouse instead of needing us both to commit to a single linear structure in the form of a book. It is in the system section that I try to meld all of these ideas into a more coherent, more linear structure - that section, needless to say, will tend to be the slowest to emerge.


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