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1. Course Documents

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Law of Property II Course Documents 2009-10
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LLM Advanced Equity and Trusts Law 2007-08
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2. Notes on new material

Complete Equity & Trusts Lectures 2009-10
My full lectures in Equity & Trusts (Law of Property II) are listed here as an experiment this academic year Click here
A lecture on the nature of conscience in equity Click here
Notes on new material
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Persistent problems with the objective dishonesty test in dishonest assistance Click here
The new code on directors' duties under Companies Act 2006, relating to unauthorised profits and constructive trusts Click here
A brief explanation of Westdeutsche Landesbank v Islington Click here
Understanding unincorporated associations - in a diagram Click here
How constructive trusts are like the English language Click here
The changing understanding of the place of women in family law and property law over the centuries Click here
Quistclose - a close analysis of the leading cases Click here
*Quistclose trusts analysed from a banking law perspective* (new Oct 09) Click here
Occupational pension funds (taken from Equity & Trusts, 5e) Click here



3. Essays on trusts law



Restitution of unjust enrichment

This essay considers the nature of unjust enrichment and compares it with equity: it is found to be somewhat wanting. It was originally included in earlier editions of Equity & Trusts but was removed due to lack of space.

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Westdeutsche Landesbank v Islington - a note

This essay considers this important decision and provides an introduction to this complex litigation for students. It appeared in my 1999 book Principles of Equity and Trust (Cavendish) and was well-received as a clear grounding for students meeting this seminal case for the first time.

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The nature of property

This essay considers the nature of property and presents a novel consideration of the differentiation between the various types of property whereas property law tends to treat all forms of property as being the same.

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The nature of express trusts

This essay was previously the full version of Chapter 7 of Equity & Trusts, which was cut back for the latest edition. It draws a range of themes out of the discussion of express trusts across Chapters 3 through 6 of that book, and which serves to give an overview of the key ideas.

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Trusts and the birth of company law

The modern company was based on trusts law and partnership law. This essay explores that birth and, in so doing, gives another example of trusts facilitating commercial activity.

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While property lawyers usually think of "things" being owned, co-operatives provide an entirely different model of property whereby the members of co-operatives (bodies corporate) do not own any of the entity's assets individually but rather exercise democratic control over that property when acting in concert. This essay is now a little out of date due to some statutory updates.

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The ordering of trusts

There are many forms of trust not normally considered by the commentators but which constitute the present and the future of trusts law: this essay shows how trusts law could and should be organised to incorporate these trusts.

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Welfare and trusts


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Public interest trusts


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Is the doctrine of constructive trust coherent? Click here
A map through the various remedies for breach of trust - inc. stranger liability and tracing Click here
What is the meaning of "dishonesty" in dishonest assistance? (Pt 1) Click here
The liability of strangers in corporate contexts Click here